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Palmetto State Title & Escrow, LLC is a full service Real Estate Title Company that specializes in REO Properties / Real Estate Closings and works with banks, attorneys, investors and businesses across the country. The staff at Palmetto State Title & Escrow, LLC strives to provide excellent professional services while maintaining a level of commitment to each client that is rarely experienced in today’s business climate. Despite the recent trend in the business world, we adhere to the enduring philosophy that honesty, commitment, and personal service are the hallmarks of quality professional real estate closing services. Such a philosophy is necessary to protect our clients and establish the trust that is a necessary component of our business relationships.

Our business is unique in South Carolina that it is coming directly from a Title Company rather than a Law Office/Firm. Our system, although different, is able to work within the legal requirements of the State of South Carolina because of our specific attention to detail, time management and logistical awareness. Having, the two primary attorneys located in the same office suite as us, allows the attorneys to perform and supervise all functions that must be handled by an attorney in a seamless and timely manner. We have found that our coordination and paralegal services have translated into a successful business model for both us and the attorneys.

Palmetto State Title & Escrow, LLC serves clients in South Carolina and across the United States. We work closely with the attorneys, who combined with our staff, have the knowledge and experience to handle most any real estate matters that may arise. Cumulatively, the attorneys and the owners of Palmetto State Title & Escrow, LLC have 63 years of professional experience that proves to be an invaluable resource to our clients. Our main office is located in the Synergy Business Park at the intersection of Interstate 26 (I-26) and Interstate 20 (I-20) in Columbia, South Carolina, providing convenient access to all major interstate highways running throughout the state.

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Palmetto State Title & Escrow, LLC is not a licensed law firm. Legal Services are not provided by Palmetto State Title & Escrow, LLC, however this title company is affiliated with licensed South Carolina attorneys who handle/oversee all matters required by State Law.
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